Mini Madan

Thanks For Everything Dr. Renu Raina Sehgal

Every time I look at my princess, I can’t help thanking the moment I
met Dr. Renu Raina Sehgal. By every sense of the word, she has been a god sent angel for me. They say doctors are human forms of god and after meeting her,
I stand by it and am sure so will everyone else, once they meet her. I
still remember when I met her for the first time. For a minute I
wondered if I had entered the right room as her young pretty face and
petite frame can be misleading.:) But the minute I started sharing my
medical history, I knew otherwise. Her energy was contagious and she
gave me what i needed the most–An assurance that everything will be

From conceiving to the 9 months journey and the birth of my daughter
before time, Dr Renu Sehgal has been by my side like a wall. She has made my
not so smooth journey glide by through her personal touch. She was
always available to soothe me when I was down, smile when I was happy
and be ecstatic when I was excited. I never thought twice before
calling her and in spite of her hectic schedule, she was always there
with her million dollar smile. I am sure all her patients would agree
with this that by just meeting her, one would start feeling better. No
patient could come out sad after meeting her.

Words will not be enough to express my gratitude for her and yet I try
to make thus humble attempt to thank her. My entire family is indebted
to her for life and I hope every needy person can meet her and be

Thanks once again Dr. Renu for the blessing and thanks to God for
making me meet you.